Hunting in Cameroon in the forest

cameroon safari

Hunting period : From February 1st to July 30th.

Duration of stay: 7 to 14 days depending on the game you want to see.

Species chassables :

dwarf buffalo in cameroon Forest Buffalo           d bongo hunt Bongo           d African hunting Sitatunga
antelope hunting Buffon Cob warthog  warthog bushpig hunt Bushpig
And many other species...

The hunting area

Your hunting safari in Cameroon is a real adventure, you are in an area of 85,000 hectares of rainforest. The impenetrable forest is the home of bongos, sitatungas, dwarf buffaloes as well as many duikers of all kinds. Our zone is ideal for forest hunting, thanks to its mixed primary and secondary forest. Moreover, the forest being bordered by a savannah strip, this biotope allows to have savannah species in addition to forest species.

  • Direct flight Paris/Yaoundé. Then 6 hours of runway/ tar to reach the camp.
  • Weapons and ammunition on site are at your disposal, but yours are welcome in the country.

The hunting camp

Our hunting camp is a little gem. This camp is perched on a promontory with a view of the canopy. You will have the opportunity to see all kinds of monkeys and other animals at the salt works near the terrace of your camp. The cuisine is very good here, before spending a restful night in your comfortable room.

The hunting method

Hunting forest buffalo

Buffalo hunting is done by tracking. A particularly exciting hunt that gives so much pleasure to the eyes, so much the work of Cameroonian trackers is magnificent. The equatorial forest surrounds you, you are very small in contact with the most aggressive buffalo of the African continent. Emotions guaranteed.

Bongo hunt

As for the bongo hunt, it will give you a cold sweat of excitement as well as very big rushes of adrenaline to first track the bongo and then follow the dogs when they put your trophy on the farm. A chase through the rainforest in an attempt to stop the master of the place.

Hunting for forest duikers

Finally, duikers are hunted on call, a very local and fun hunt. A hunt with a high success rate. To be discovered!

The price
On personalized estimate.

For more information, please contact us: Constant Boulard +33 (0)6 88 28 40 06 or

For further information please contact Constant Boulard Adventures.
Constant Boulard / / + 33 (0)6 88 28 40 06

The safari adventure hunts in Cameroon in all its splendour!
The rainforest awaits you.

equatorial forest hunting equatorial forest hunting
hunting lodge cameroon hunting lodge cameroon
rain forest rain forest
bongo hunt in cameroon bongo hunt in cameroon
constant drill buffalo boulard constant drill buffalo boulard
sitatunga hunting sitatunga hunting
dwarf buffalo hunting dwarf buffalo hunting
marsh sitatunga marsh sitatunga

 The real hunting adventure in Africa! Experience the unthinkable while hunting dwarf buffalo, bongos and other rainforest species in Cameroon.