Duck hunting in Argentina

hunting trip to argentina

Hunting period: from April 1st to July 31st.

Duration of stay: at the request of the hunting group

Huntable species:

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Hunting zone
  • The hunting area of Constant Boulard Adventures is located in the north of Argentina. This is a real strength: this area ensures an ideal amount of water all year round, so the concentration of ducks is phenomenal. You will hunt on several thousand hectares of natural marshes.
  • In the same area there are also spectacular territories for local partridge (tinamou) hunting with pointing dogs.
  • Once you've painted beautiful waterfowl pictures and warmed up your shoulders, you can make your cannons blush with indecent quantities of pigeons and turtle doves.

  • Direct flight from Paris to Buenos Aires, then a 2-hour private flight. You will fly over breathtaking landscapes. Finally, there will be a 1h30 drive from the airport to the hunting area. Alternatively, a shuttle bus will take you from Buenos Aires to the camp in 7 hours on a tarmac road.
  • Weapons and ammunition are available on site, but your weapons are welcome in the country (except semi-automatic).

The hunting camp

The hunting camp, held to perfection, is planted in the middle of thousands of hectares of marshland. The common areas, adjacent to the pool, are ideal for sharing convivial after-hunting moments. The cuisine is delicious, with local beef cooked over a wood fire accompanied by the best Argentinean wines: a treat at every meal. The rooms of the inn are very comfortable and equipped with heating, air-conditioning, shower room. The overall service is of very high standard.

The hunting method
  • The hunting of waterfowl in Argentina takes place in the form of a pass, one in the morning, one in the evening. A time is set aside for an excellent lunch and a nap in between these two passes. The days are trying but bewitching!
  • At your post at the edge of the crops you can also face clouds of turtledoves and pigeons giving you a purple shoulder if you overdo it.
  • Finally, hunting the local partridge (the tinamou), this real bomb tracked by pointing dogs, will give you wonderful memories.

The price
For more information and to build a hunting trip in Argentina that fits your duck hunting trip, Constant Boulard Adventures : Constant Boulard / / +33 (0)6 88 28 40 06

For further information please contact Constant Boulard Adventures.
Constant Boulard / / + 33 (0)6 88 28 40 06

Hunting trip to Argentina with Constant Boulard Adventures, a trip that will leave a lasting impression!

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Go waterfowl hunting in Argentina, the beauty of the landscapes and the quantity of waterfowl will make you come back.