Goose and migratory game hunting

scottish hunting

Hunting season: from 1 August to 1 February

Duration of stay: at the request of the hunting group

Huntable species:

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peckingwoodcocks partridge hunt grouses rough shootingpheasants
d geese
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Hunting zone
Located in the North East of the country, our hunting area covers thousands of hectares. The goose hunting is a specialty of our organization. We manage the crops, the land use planning to make the area even more attractive for geese and other migratory game.

We also hunt woodcock, pigeons and waterfowl. Our territory is also composed of many ponds and forests to accommodate the various migratory game.

  • Direct flight Paris-Aberdeen. Your guide will pick you up at the airport.
  • Weapons and ammunition are available on site, but your weapons are welcome in the country.

The hunting camp

The hunting lodge is fully equipped, so you will feel at home. This building is perfectly adapted to receive a team of hunting friends. This lodge allows you to cook your own meals. You can also go to the nearby town to enjoy the restaurants and their local specialities.

The hunting method
  • The goose hunt takes place in the morning and/or afternoon. You are hidden in specially designed shelters.Ashen goose shapes are in place, your guide calls the goose flights. The spectacle of goose hunting in Scotland is a special moment.
  • We also organize high-flying partridge and pheasant hunts.
  • In the evening you will be able to shoot waterfowl during fairy tales.
  • Constant Boulard Adventures also organises your grouse hunting trip.
  • Finally, Constant Boulard Adventures also organises your deer hunting trip.

The price
For more information and to build a tailor-made goose hunting trip in Scotland that matches your dream of hunting in Scotland, Constant Boulard Adventures : Constant Boulard / / +33 (0)6 88 28 40 06

The most

Take advantage of your stay in Scotland to combine your goose hunting trip with other hunting quests.

  • Scotland is also a place for grouse hunting. Go with Constant Boulard Adventures to hunt grouse with pointing dogs or in a driven hunt.
  • Cervid stalking. Tracking deer and hinds will perfectly complement your hunting trip in Scotland.

For further information please contact Constant Boulard Adventures.
Constant Boulard / / + 33 (0)6 88 28 40 06

Goose hunting trip in Scotland with Constant Boulard Adventures!

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Scottish hunting Scottish hunting
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Our territory in Scotland: a wonderful hunting destination for migratory game.