Hut hunting, gabion hunting in France

Corsican hunting

Hunting season: from 15 August to 31 January

Duration of stay: at the request of the hunting group

Huntable species:

small game hunting in Argentina
dd teal hunting duck            d goose hunting  goose ducks Argentinian Huntingsnipe
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Hunting zone

Our hut, or gabion, located in the Baie de Somme is of a quality rarely equalled. In fact, in addition to a stretch of water allowing the landing of numerous ducks and waterfowl, the hut is surrounded by 40 hectares of marsh, perfectly maintained for snipe hunting. Your day of hunting will be complete with the hunting of snipes during the day. Then ducks and waterfowl hunting at dusk. Not forgetting of course, hunting in the hut - hunting in the gabion all night long.
Moreover, our hut is perfectly situated in the Bay of the Somme, on an important migratory corridor, so it attracts many waterfowl.


Meet us in the Baie de Somme, at the foot of our hut. The gamekeeper will welcome you and show you around.
He can harness the ducks on the water for the novices.
The decoys are available on site.

The hut

Our hut is of a high standard. In addition to the perfect location of the pond attracting many game to lay, it consists of 3 bedrooms with double beds, a large shooting room with 2 double beds, a fully equipped kitchen/dining room (oven, hob, fridge), a bathroom, a large corridor, 2 storage rooms. The gabion, or hut, is equipped with electricity and hot water, which is a real luxury. Your evenings with friends will be both very pleasant, thanks to the great comfort of this hut and its large kitchen/dining room.

The hunting method
  • Waterfowl hunting with a hut takes place at night. The installation of decoys (which can be done by us) attracts the ducks to land on the water during the night.
  • Passage hunting, one in the morning, one in the evening. On the evenings of the great migrations they can be quite simply bewitching!
  • Finally, snipe hunting takes place on the 40 hectares of marshland prepared for this purpose. In front of you, with dogs, snipe hunting is magical.

The price
For more information and to build your customised hut hunting trip, contact: Constant Boulard Adventures : Constant Boulard / / +33 (0)6 88 28 40 06

For further information please contact Constant Boulard Adventures.
Constant Boulard / / + 33 (0)6 88 28 40 06

Hut hunting in the Somme Bay. A unique hunting experience.

migratory hunting migratory hunting
gabion baie de somme gabion baie de somme
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Hut hunting Hut hunting
gabion hunting gabion hunting
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hut hunting hut hunting
hut baie de somme hut baie de somme

Our hut is ideally located on the migration corridor of the Bay of the Somme.