Tuna fishing in Southern Corsica

tuna fishing in corsica

Fishing season: May to October

Duration of stay: at the request of the group of fishermen

Fishable species :

 fishing tuna in CorsicaMontana Bluefin tuna
 fly fishing
denti in corsica Denti
 fly fishing
montana fishing Seriole

Fishing area
Our tuna fishing area is located in South Corsica, between Bonifacio and Propriano. You will have the opportunity to fish for tuna, but also sea bream, dentex, seriola, liches and many other species. Each one is different and allows you to taste many pleasures during the day of fishing at sea.


You will meet your fishing guide at a designated port a few days before the fishing. The departure is around 6am in order to enjoy the first light of the sun.

The fishing lodge
The Constant Boulard Adventures team can direct you to high quality accommodation in the region.

The fishing method
Bluefin tuna fishing is done off the Corsican coast. The tuna move between Sardinia and Corsica, it is between these 2 islands that you will fight these balls of muscles, for a no-kill fishing. Our sea and river fishing guide will make you discover this magnificent fishing, as sportive as fine and technical. A real pleasure for the fisherman looking for a fight with a powerful but also cunning and clever fish.

The price
On quotation
For more information and a tuna fishing in Corsica corresponding to your customised fishing trip, contact us: Constant Boulard / constant.boulard@gmail.com / +33 (0)6 88 28 40 06
The most
Take advantage of your stay to hunt wild boar in Corsica.

For further information please contact Constant Boulard Adventures.
Constant Boulard / constant.boulard@gmail.com / + 33 (0)6 88 28 40 06

Corsica offers you beautiful days of fishing at sea.

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tuna fishing in corsica tuna fishing in corsica
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Tuna fishing in Corsica. Fight the tuna on a turquoise sea at the foot of the mountains.